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Get frosty my friends!

Updated: Feb 13

If you're one of those northern cold winter dwellers there is a lot to be said about the value of hitting the trainer in the cold months. Whether you're zwifting, suffering at suffer fest or what have you. People are building a crap ton of fitness early and doing it on the trainer. Not a bad thing for the most part!

The days of old when people would put their bikes away for the those cold winter months and focus on another form of exercise are all but gone. Days when everyone would hit the road in March or April and everyone would be at the same baseline were great for an easy group ride and getting your "bike back under you"

Jumping ahead to today this becomes problematic when you get out on the road for the first group rides or worse yet a race. Anyone who's ever done some racing can sympathize with that "Dog pooping razor blades" feeling you get when you line up at the local Cat 5 (and Cat 4 these days.) Where you know people can't ride a straight line to begin with and now they're pretty fit....i.e."Big engine, rusty or no skill"

How do you fix it? Since the chance of people actually "throttling it back" on that first few outdoor groups rides when they've been a "caged animal" for months on the trainer is slim to none and slim just left building.

Maybe get outdoors when its not ideal weather? Be it on a road bike, cross bike mountain bike or fat bike.

Where is the value in getting out doors on the bike in the cold:

1. If you're outdoors when it's 30 degrees or less the 60 degree or more days will seem downright pleasant.

2. You remember how to ride your bike when the weather is nice and ideally you won't be crashing yourself or anyone else.

3. You'll work those muscles that have been neglected riding static on the trainer

4. Breathing fresh air is better then indoor dust, and gym germs

5. You'll gain some "crazy creds" for braving the elements when it's nasty out

6. You'll learn how to maintain your bike.

7. You'll get that shock of trainer fitness isn't the same as actually riding outdoor fitness over with.

Thoughts or feeling? lets hear it

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