Some race day thoughts:

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Make sure you know the event details before the morning of your ride. There’s no way you’ll be able to feel relaxed, or eat properly, before the event if you’re running around trying to find sign-on.

Eating early also ensures you have enough time to make any ‘nature calls’ you may need before the event starts. Digestive issues are a common complaint in endurance events and can put a real downer on your day.

Don’t make any last-minute bike changes on race day. Put those thoughts of changing your saddle height down to race-day nerves, and focus on eating well and getting to the start line focused on your performance.

Eat as soon as you get up so your meal isn’t sitting in your stomach on the start line. Eggs and porridge make great long-lasting fuels, if you can stomach them. Good rule of thumb is abour 3 hours before for your bigger meal and then something small an hour before start time.

Get to the start of your event in plenty of time. If you’re staying nearby, great; if not, plan enough time to get parked and find the start line.

For those that know me if you're not at least 2 hours early you're late.

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